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Keeping Your Garden Safe From Ants with Mint

Gardening tips to help you keep your garden free of pests.

Gardening can be considered as a good hobby to pass time that can even pay off. Your house would be getting a mini farm where you can grow some veggies. There are many gardening tips which would help you out to grow a potential garden in your own backyard.

Pest Repelling Plants

A garden is like a child who needs proper nourishing and care just like parents take care of their children.

Here are some important gardening tips which includes watering, keeping garden safe from bugs and pesky insects, garden leveling, solution of weeds etc.

Morning is the best option for watering the plants. When the sun is in its full intensity, the plants won’t be able to absorb the water due to the evaporation, so it is not prevalent. Evening option is also preferable as well.

Another gardening tip is how to get rid of bugs and pesky insects. It is obvious that an open garden is always an eating table for bugs and insects. Few people know that there are plants that can keep the bugs and pesky insects out of the garden area.

This would help the garden to be safe from these pests. Plants like mint, tansy or pennyroyal are helpful to keep ants away. Try planting these plants nearby would be helpful to stop the ants from attacking the garden. Planting prostrate rosemary or wormwood nearby would help you to keep the slugs from chewing down the garden.

Soil also is a major part of garden which is a key in growing the garden properly. There should be a perfect level of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These important nutrients help the garden grow properly. Nitrogen plays an important role in growth of leaves and step properly.

If the quantity of nitrogen is low then the plants would grow small and if its quantity is high then the plants would grow huge but would be lacking of flowers and fruits. Phosphorous is very important nutrient for growth of roots in plants and potassium is responsible for full nourishment of plant and its overall health.

Weeds are also one of the problems that a garden faces. But all the problems have a solution but it requires a little labor from your part. There is a substance name “pre-emergent herbicide” which would help you to keep the garden out of the trouble of weed. This type of herbicide does not affect the plants which are almost 3 to 4 inches tall but only affect the plants that are germinating.

These gardening tips would be giving you the clear idea how to grow and maintain the garden. Just see how your garden will flourished with flowers, fruits and veggies.


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