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Natural Pest Control

How to Design a Garden the easy way!

When I set out to design a garden, I knew one thing — I wanted a lot of color. I thought about the various types of flowers and how they would go in my garden and how each would look in certain spots. Then I plotted out a rough draft, revised it a couple of times, and pretty soon I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted. I made a list of all of the flowers I would need and proper quantities, along with potting soil and fertilizer. Step one was out of the way.

Step two was to plan out where I wanted my bushes and shrubs. I knew that to design a garden, I would have to have bushes and shrubs, and I have always been fond of symmetry. I knew that everything would have to even up geometrically or it would drive me crazy. I finally got the right combination of bushes and shrubs set up in my diagram just how I wanted them, and was almost where I wanted to be.

The next thing I did was think of the plants that I wanted, both that would go into the ground and that would hang from the awning above the garden. I knew that to design a garden, you need to maximize your space, and I figured that if I used hanging plants to decorate the overhang, it would look even more natural.

Use insects for natural pest control whenever possible

Safely get rid of those nasty Garden Pests for Good and without Using Poisonous Chemicals

This is a set of 3 praying mantis egg cases. You will discover somewhere between 100-300 praying mantis eggs in each case. Praying mantids are wonderful helpful insects. They will feed on any and all sorts of pesky insects and therefore are excellent management options for organic and natural gardens. They may also be used as pets or for education science laboratories.

Soon after hatching, the newborn mantises or nymphs, emerge from the egg case. Since they’re so light-weight they float to the ground. At this stage of their existence they look just like large unattractive mosquitoes and are very hard to observe as they blend flawlessly with the neighboring plant life.


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