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Cornmeal – does cornmeal kill ants?

There are different household products that can get rid of ants from your homes. One of them is cornmeal which is made from maize or corn. When cornmeal was suggested to me to kill ants from my home my response was: does cornmeal kill ants? Many people may be reacting similarly.

How Does Cornmeal Kill Ants?

Ants use their scent trails to follow-up to their targeted places, mainly food. This is a scientific fact and its also a fact that cornmeal disrupts ants scent trails. They become lost and confused and if they eat the cornmeal they are not able to digest it. They will have breathing problem which kill them.

The main problem with ants is to find their bleeding base. It probably may be outside your home . Ants can come to your home even by wires. But if you find their base you can easily use any of the many household products, apart from cornmeal.

Other Ants Killer Products.

So many people aren’t aware how some ordinary household products can free them from ants. One of such products is soapy water. Just mix water with soap and spray onto the ants’ occupied places and they will be gone or die in no time. Surprisingly inexpensive way as compared to calling in professionals which may cost you a lot.

Cinnamon is also a household product that ants don’t like. This will also drive them away, freeing your environment of pests. I’ve also used this successfully on different occasions. And this is also not expensive and available in many places. There is no need for any pesticide if you know the cool ants killer products.


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