Controlling Termites

Pest Control Methods for Termites

Look for signs of termites, for example, swarming and the presence of Scalewing and feces.

termites moundCheck for termites in other areas of possible food on the eg wood piles, old stumps and other buildings property.

Moisture is a big draw for termites, check boxes for all sources such as roof leaks, leaking taps and poor drainage.

Read and understand all labels on all chemicals used and always wear protective equipment and clothing as required.

If you hire professionals to be sure they have a license.

Information to identify the ground termites by their habits and what are the signs of termites

Ground termites and subterranean termites are the most common type in the United States. They can cause major damage to a house that is not the correct termite has had treatments. These pests live in the soil feed on rotten wood. They build mud tubes, by traveling to food sources above the ground such as in a house. These mud tubes are often the first sign of termites, show that termites are present and damage is done. There are other types of termites that do not use mud tubes and boxes, which are not in the ground.

Termite inspections of a home are required at regular intervals to check for signs of termites. Look for the mud tubes along the foundation, under the cavity behind vinyl siding and basement walls. If pipes are seen, especially on the first floor interior walls, there definitely were termites present and probably for some time. Do not remove the termite tubes up after treatment for insect pests, making them suitable for activities to see then whether the treatment termite can be checked worked.

Contact optimum termite extermination to achieve results at professional termite exterminator. Amazon ImageThere are three ways for subterranean termites to treat and it is best to licensed exterminator to do the job. You know what chemicals are the best, how safe it is to use and they can guarantee their work for a year or more. The three main termite treatments, soil treatments, surface sprays and injectable foams and sprays.

Treat the soil around and under the house with a termite pesticide. As soil termites are through the floor penetration termite treatments used on the surrounding soil to act as a poison barrier, the most commonly used method of control. Not only will this prevent any future infestations, but a subterranean termites are already active in the house also die if they can not be nested in the back ground. This method involves some digging 4 to 6 inches deep and 12 inches width of the foundation and input tubes or pipes.

Learn how to employ termite inspections for ground termites, also known as subterranean termites, then you use the suggested methods for termite pest control methods, treatments, protection and prevention.

The soil on the foundation base or base is saturated with a termiticide or termite poison. The remote earth is simply beside the ditch later Refill upwards and this earth is impregnated with the pesticide too. If a cavity is the excavations also required under the house on the inside of a wall foundation as well. Make sure that the treatment is completed, because no gaps in the soil saturation termites will enter enter a location. There are many products on the market for ground treatment.

Since these pest control products are not repellent that termites do not recognize them as deadly and go directly through it, they lifted and carry them back to the nest to kill the entire colony.
The other type of repellent products act as a barrier to pests, but thou shalt not kill the whole colony, so that with them the termites will still be there a hole in the defense on a continuing basis searched.

Treat the wood structure of the house for termite control. Surface sprays used to treat the wood are a secondary barrier to the ground termites. Use something that penetrate the wood and give a long lasting residual effect. Some products used for this purpose: boride, Invader HPX, Tempo 2, Suspend, Bora-care, Timbor, flea market, Borrada D and Saga WP.

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The boron-based products have long been known as an excellent pest control products to protect the wood for the life of the structure. These products are messed up and sprayed on raw wood to kill all the insects that are present and to keep them from attacking the wood in the future. By spraying any wood around the base of a house with a boron-based product, it has been shown that soil termite tubes are not building on this treated wood. Again, this is a secondary method of defense with soil treatment, the main ground for termites.

Injectable sprays and foams are used in cases where the soil is light as can under foundation slabs supported in hollow block can be treated under flooring where the cavity is not accessible, and behind brick walls. Holes are drilled through the concrete, or other surface material with special tools. They are spaced apart about a foot and the foam or spray is injected under pressure to fill the gap to saturate. The holes are then stopped up and repaired. This is not a DIY job but is best done by trained termite exterminator.

There are also soil treatments, the inserted with a spray wand to penetrate the soil and the pressure around the foundation of the house are chemical spraying. This type of termite treatment is sketchy at best and should not be considered a substitute for excavation.
Use eradicate termite bait systems for Colony. Another method of termite prevention is the use of termite bait stations around the perimeter of the house. Some of the available products of this type are: Advance, Villa near the sea, Hex Pro, Sentricon and Exterra. This termite control systems use in ground baits hold units that are held with a supply of food to each foraging termites in the area of ​​stock. These baits are checked insect activity on a regular basis and if termites are present then the bait is changed with a poisoned bait.

The Foragers will feed on the termite poison and take it back to the colony where all the termites are killed, including the Queen. This bait systems can be set up easily, but must be checked regularly to keep potentially harmful chemical bait supplied if required. By practicing good termite control methods, money will be saved in the long run, not to repair damage with later Termite. The following are links to more articles on pest control resources links. Please rate this product and all others you thank you check out.


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