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Controlling Fleas

Control Pests Naturally with Borax

Borax has many uses – termite and flea control for example!

Borax powder mineral sodium borate is produced from naturally occurring ingredients. Borax has many uses and is widely used in cosmetics and as a cleaning agent.

A solution of sodium borate and water can kill subterranean termites among other pests.

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Borax powder you usually find in the department of laundry from your local supermarket. It has to be stored for two to three year shelf life and away from excessive moisture.

Borax is sodium borate and is formed by repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. Its chemical analysis is anhydrous borax, 53.8 percent; boric acid, 37.2 percent; sodium oxide, 16.6 percent; crystal water, 46.2 percent, and chloride, 37 parts per million.

The largest deposits of borax are located in California, the southwestern United States, Chile and Tibet.

The first confirmed use of borax has been used in China for Ceramic polishes. Since that time it has been used for everything from flea control and household cleaning cosmetics and bath gels.

Borax Laundry Products contain borax powder phosphates or chlorine. It works well as a laundry booster during normal wash loads, pre-treating stains, delicate wash loads and even in hard water. Borax acts as a water conditioner that controls alkalinity and deodorizes clothes.

Borax powder can be used to clean walls and floors. It leaves, sinks and toilets sparkling wine and is an effective stain remover. It can also be used to deodorize trash barrels, garbage disposals, diaper pails and mattresses. Borax can be used for flea control of your carpets and kills cockroaches and ants.

Borax powder is an ingredient in many lotions, bath salts, creams, shampoos and jellies. It serves as a preservative, emulsifying agent, water softeners and detergents. Borax properties also make them useful for particle suspension and, in combination with citric acid, as hiss-agent

Borax helps maintain the flower and can be used to determine the ash and smoke problems often minimize homemade candles. Borax is also a main ingredient in handmade slime for the kids!



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