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Have you considered a Stink Bug Trap?

Stink Bug Trap By Sterling International Rescue

Reusable Stink Bug Trap, With 2 Week Attractant, Comes With 2 Attracstiks In A Foil Pouch, Use Both Attracstiks At The Same Time, 1 Yellow & 1 Green, Secure Attracstiks On The Cone By Hanging On The Pegs & Securing With The Included Collar, Collar Provides Escape Prevention & Is Treated With A Very Slippery Coating That Stink Bugs Cannot Navigate.

Place The Trap Outdoors Late May Through September So That The Lower Panels Make Contact With Garden Vegetation

It Will Trap Nymphs That Only Crawl & Flying Adults, Use With Stink Bug Attractant

Stink Bug Traps Features


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Rescue SBTR Reusable Stink Bug Trap Amazon Image Amazon Image Rescue SBTA-DB12 Stink Bug 7 Week AttractantFlowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre CoverageAmazon Image


2 Responses to “Have you considered a Stink Bug Trap?”

  1. Shocked at the bad reviews. I think its a lifesaver. I live in Pittsburgh which seems like stink bug central, especially coming up to the end of Summer. Stink bugs are climbing over everything outside and its only a matter of time that they will find a way inside. So I bought one Rescue trap from a local nursery. I hung it up at 6:30pm. At 10:45pm, the trap was full of stink bugs and I have the pictures to prove it. Getting the nasty things out of the trap is not as easy as catching them. So I bought two more traps to all hang together so their dying wretched bodies attracts more of their friends. When they all die, I dump out their nasty carcasses.The secret to this trap working is how you hang it. I am hanging them from one of my outside porch lamps (furthest from the house) that has a shepherds hook on the side. I have a hanging basket (geraniums) and these traps dangling above but still touching the plant with the fins. The bugs are attracted by the porch light and the lores inside the traps. The plant get covered in bugs but the plant is a easy landing target. (The fins of the trap are not as easy place for them to land.)They were fighting to get inside this thing. So remember, light source, and plant. I am catching hundreds a night.

    Posted by Margana S | 07/10/2013, 6:50 PM
  2. Three Weeks, Three Traps, ZERO BUGS I live in central NJ with a small (40 tree) apple orchard in my back yard which seems to generate stink-bugs like a factory.It has been 3 weeks now with three traps spread throughout the orchard: two secured on the ground (where the apples have started to fall and i can actually see them crawling right past the legs of the trap) and one in a tree. So far all i have caught is a spider, which escaped.I couldn’t be more disappointed. In the fall, we kill at least 10 in the house a day, my dream was to eradicate them in the pupa stage – but it is more effective for me to squash them when i see them crawling around then these stupid traps.I will buy the ‘attractant’ refills and wait for the fall in the hopes that once they grow up from the pupa-stage they actually find their way in. Will try to remember to update this again in October.So disappointing.Ryan

    Posted by Ryan | 07/10/2013, 7:04 PM

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