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Do you need to repel birds?

Do you need to repel birds?

There are cases where birds are considered pests. If so you may need a  sonic repeller. Bird Gard Pro Sonic Bird Repeller for 1.5 Acres – General/Agricultural Comes with the General/Agricultural chip that repels European starlings, American robins, house finches, ring-billed gulls, common grackles, blue jays and red winged blackbirds. See our other products for […]

Boron Based Ant Bait Liquid

Boron Based Ant Bait Liquid

Gourmet Ant Bait Liquid, 1-Gallon Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait is a boron-based bait that is attractive to most common household ants. It is particularly attractive to the types of ants that have extremely large colonies. The bait is carried back to the colony to kill the queens and has been proven effective by independent multi-year […]

Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden

Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden

Dead Snails Leave No Trails, Revised: Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden A practical guide to repelling indoor and outdoor pests using organic methods, updated with new information on getting rid of bedbugs and dust mites, plus includes updated online resources. If you’ve ever had a swarm of fruit flies in your kitchen or […]

Cornmeal – does cornmeal kill ants?

There are different household products that can get rid of ants from your homes. One of them is cornmeal which is made from maize or corn. When cornmeal was suggested to me to kill ants from my home my response was: does cornmeal kill ants? Many people may be reacting similarly. How Does Cornmeal Kill […]

Praying mantis eggs are truly effective

Dealing with your vegetable garden can be difficult unless you make use of an effective natural pest control that can assist you. This type of product is created to help get rid of harmful insect pests growing in the garden while ensuring that no unhealthy chemicals are expelled when being used. Really, there are various […]

Commercial pest control service

Commercial pest control service will frequently specialize in certain locations. For restaurants or food service business doesn’t always have exactly the same kinds of requirements as a healthcare facility or manufacturing unit. You should find a company that are experts in the kind of commercial establishment you are interested in having washed out. A hospital […]

Get rid of bothersome flies the natural way

Trying to get rid of bothersome flies can become extremely annoying and can be lots of work but not anymore because now there is an effective natural fly control like the fly eliminators. Fly eliminators also known as fly parasites can make your home and barn fly free. These are non chemical and safe ways […]

Beautify the Garden With Beneficial Insects

If only all good things came in such pretty packages; the ladybug insect happens to be one of the prettiest ways anyone could think of to adorn their garden. Few things can cheer people up the way these industrious and impossibly cute little bugs can. Ladybugs are beneficial insects and are used as the weapon […]

Green Lacewing Larvae natural aphid control

The ground is thawing, and spring around the corner seems to have sprung a little spring in your step. Well, what tells you it’s spring better than anything else? It’s a blooming garden, of course. The typical American household that owns a garden spends quite a bit every year on its gardening needs – as […]

Read the Nutrition Facts Label Before Buying Food

One thing that is often overlooked when people are buying food is the nutrition facts label. This is the portion of the package or wrapping that provides information on such things as calories, fat grams, sugar, sodium and so forth. It is important to read the nutrition facts label before buying food because you may […]

Praying Mantis are the natural insect pest management

Perhaps, like many people, you’ve taken up gardening on a seat-of-the-pants basis. You’re gardening for some time now and have a nice small plot going. However, you wish you understood more about proper earth preparation or may possibly wonder why your own tomatoes don’t succeed as well as the ones inside the catalogs. You may […]

Organic food demand on the rise, a good sign showing consciousness of the consumers.

Organic food, it is the cleanest form of produce found in the market in terms of pesticides. Organic food is almost grown naturally without any use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The basic concept behind the organic produce is to minimize the bad effect of the synthetic pesticides and the harmful chemicals that are used.

Welcome to the Pest Control Methods Blog!

Thank you for visiting us at the Pest Control Methods Blog! I think you’ll find that we have a ton of fascinating info on how to control pests! We try not to be biased and will present the pros and cons where possible of techniques and pesticides for pest management. Sometimes it’s not a simple […]

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